The Complete African Adventure Tour is 14 days and nights of immersion into the cultures of Ghana. Participants will experience the drumming and dance traditions of three different ethnic groups in their respective regions of Ghana: The capital Accra, the Volta region, and a journey to the North of Ghana for a homestay in the wonderful village of Nanton, where participants are hosted by the drumming chief and his family.

In each of the three locations, drum and dance classes by members of the renowned Ghana Dance Ensemble are provided. The program also includes attendance at traditional performances and ceremonies not often witnessed by foreigners. Rounding out the tour are stops at a monkey sanctuary, beautiful Fuller falls, Denu beach, Mole animal park and a visit to Cape Coast Castle, to learn about the history of the slave trade in Ghana.


I first traveled to Ghana in 1995 not knowing what I would encounter on my quest to study African music. Over the following four years, I found a country that was rich in culture, full of beautiful, friendly people and home to more music and dance styles than I had ever imagined.

In 2011, together with my mentor, master drummer Christopher Ametefe of the Ghana Dance Ensemble, we created African Skies Tours.

Our hope is to provide opportunities for people with an interest in Africa, African music and African culture to travel to Ghana and experience this country in a safe, well-organized group tour.

Our knowledge of the people and country can give participants opportunities to experience the true culture that many other visitors to Ghana may not have.

Christopher and I will be more than happy to share our passion for Ghana with you in January 2018. Please join us then.

~ Jay Stoller

14-night tour includes:

  • Meet and pick up at Kotoka international airport in Accra
  • Orientation session with tour organizers
  • All accommodations, 14 nights (shared)
  •


Full 14 night program: $1,499 USD if registration and deposit ($200) submitted prior to October 1, 2017.

On or after October 1, 2017, registration fee is $1,599 USD. (Please note that fee are in U.S. dollars)



  • Medical/travel insurance is compulsory.
  • Ghana music tours does not take responsibility for individual's travel insurance.
  •

Below is an example tour itinerary.

Days 1-3

  • Orientation, drumming, dance and xylophone classes at University of Ghana with members of Ghana Dance Ensemble.
  • Performance by the Ghana Dance Ensemble.
  •