The Complete African Adventure Tour

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Africa, now is your chance!!!

Next tour dates just confirmed: February 6-16, 2019.

Imagine yourself there! In the midst of the beating drums; people dancing, singing, clapping, sweating from the tropical heat. Imagine yourself being a part of that event, playing the drums, dancing. Imagine yourself lying on the beach, next to the palm trees sipping locally made wine from a half-cut gourd. Imagine yourself walking at the tops of the trees, looking out over the rainforest, listening to the sound of the birds speaking, to the sound of monkeys in the distance.

The experience of a lifetime awaits in Ghana with African Skies Music and Dance Tour.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience African drumming and dancing in a traditional African setting. Eliminate the time spent searching for competent drum and dance instructors, take the guesswork and uncertainty out of your travel plans knowing that your experienced guides will lead you directly to the authentic African culture, meeting you at the airport then taking care of accommodations, meals and transportation. Tour organizers Christopher Ametefe and Jay Stoller bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in Ghanaian culture to ensure participants receive the utmost immersion into the rich traditions of Africa. Note that music or dance experience is not a prerequisite to participate.

Tour Information

The Complete African Adventure Tour is 10 days and nights of immersion into the cultures of Ghana. Participants will experience the drumming and dance traditions of three different ethnic groups in their respective regions of Ghana: The capital Accra, the Volta region, and a journey to the North of Ghana for a homestay in the wonderful village of Nanton, where participants are hosted by the drumming chief and his family.

In each of the three locations, drum and dance classes by members of the renowned Ghana Dance Ensemble are provided. The program also includes attendance at traditional performances and ceremonies not often witnessed by foreigners. Rounding out the tour are stops at a monkey sanctuary, beautiful Fuller falls, Denu beach, Mole animal park and a visit to Cape Coast Castle, to learn about the history of the slave trade in Ghana.

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